I am obsessed with seeing my clients view their images for the first time. It brings me so much joy. 

I love to know that every session will be completed with physical product. That I don't have to look forward to emails 2 years down the road saying the computer crashed and they never got to print their photos. 

Images will be printed. Children will grow up with photos of themselves on the walls. And I get to be a part of the process. 


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quick facts about me

Coffee! You'll often see me with a Tim Hortons cup. Sometimes a Starbucks if I'm feeling fancy. 

Wine! I like it just like my coffee, super sweet. I mix it with 7up so it's not too strong. It also means I get bigger glasses?!

Babies <3 I'm a sucker for babies in footed sleepers! Is that weird? They just seem extra cuddly in pjs.  

my Favourites

I love whites. I absolutely love a clean classic look. It's so timeless.

A pop of colour doesn't hurt though every once in a while.

modern and minimal

my design style

Bellinis. Yaaas! 


Wine. If I'm somewhere that doesn't have Bellinis. Lol. 

happy hour drink

my go to

I mean. Why wouldn't I want to get paid to snuggle babies? 

Okay. I don't just snuggle them. That would be pretty great too!

I have a passion for art and design. And this is the perfect combo of those things. And making people feel beautiful. And babies.


why i became a

I love the heat. And the beach. Boating. And sunset photo sessions. 

is summer

my favorite season

My Nona's. It feels like home. She loves every visit. And she always has food. #italianlife

place to visit

my favorite

Yes, it's great that capturing a photo has the ability to freeze a moment of time. I understand that "snapping a photo" can do just that. 

But for me, it's creating art. Something I have always been so passionate about. I love getting a beautiful image in camera. But there's so much more that brings me joy. Seeing parents view their photos for the first time, brings me the greatest joy. Helping them plan different artwork to put in each room, and watching them flip through albums. It all makes it so rewarding.

These little people are absolutely perfect. And I love that I get to capture that, and that they will grow up with photos of themselves on their walls.

Why I do what I do

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